Expense Reports

Quantum Accounting prepares expense reports for customers in a timely efficient manner. Our accounting experience is proficient with a promise to attention to detail. We can process expense reports ranging from normal expenses to travel expenses and foreign exchange rates. 


Expense Receipts

Instead of completing an expense report, Quantum Accounting welcomes customers to simply photo/scan their receipts and we will take care of the rest. Specifically, we will consolidate all receipts, complete expense reports and submit all supporting documentation. We adhere to your expense template and/or complete your online expense report on your behalf.



Quantum Accounting accepts payment through various electronic payment services. Payments will be made before services are provided. The pay system will have 3 pay options consisting of Hourly pricing of $30.00/HR - $60.00/2HRs (2HR minimum per report), Retainer pricing of $250.00/10HRs, and Unit pricing of $90.00/1 Monthly Expense Report.  


Book Keeping

Beyond Expense Reports, Quantum Accounting can perform book keeping tasks ranging from processing of general ledger entries to preparation of consolidated financial statements.


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